#003 – Sustainability, A Perspective From The Construction Industry

by Hugo Taillandier

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Topic(s): Architecture, Sustainability

Today’s episode is, again, about sustainability but from a different perspective. From the perspective of the construction industry. Our guests are going to answer a couple of question: What is their definition of sustainability and what is their best advice to achieve sustainability in architecture. From student to experienced professional this episode will give us a bigger picture of how sustainability is currently perceived in the construction industry.


Lauren Grant

Lauren is currently a third year student in Architectural Technology at Edinburgh Napier University. She is one of my classmate, so I can tell how much she’s passionate, creative and determinate in her work. She has always been a great source of inspiration to me and the quality of her work is a great source of motivation. In this episode. You will understand what I mean in this episode. You can follow Lauren’s work on Instagram @architecture_with_lauren

Scott Bissett

Scott is a early graduate Architectural Technologist. Currently working full-time with ECOsystems Technologies, He is also an talented graphic designer and believe of the power of visual communication. With this talent and passion in visual graphic Scott started to create some graphic designs as a freelancer and he is also involved in online education centre start up during his free time. Knowing Scott for almost three years, let me tell how much he is ready to give to help people. We need more Scott on this planet.

Zarja Krevelj

Zarja is also an Architectural Technologist, currently working full-time with HLM Architect, she is passionate about sustainability. She dedicated her 4 years of study at Edinburgh Napier University to create sustainable architecture in her projects by using mass timber. She knows how to use her technical knowledge and creativity to produce amazing designs and solutions in a project.

Jon Stinson

Jon is an Architectural Technologist since 2007. He worked at Edinburgh Napier University (ENU) as a Researcher working within the Scottish Energy Centre, alongside the Building Performance Centre, and Institute for Sustainable Construction. He was also the module leader for the undergraduate Architectural Technology programme. I had the privilege to be one of his student for my 2 first years at ENU. He is one of the person that drives me to do my best and inspire me. One of the best lecturer I ever had (and I had a lot). His passion to teach people on how to create a better architecture pushed him to co-launched Building Research Solutions Ltd, which offers science-based solutions with academic rigour commercially. More about his work on Researchgate and Academia.edu.

Silvia Taurer

Silvia founded LRCZ in 2008 and is a founding member of the RTC Europe Foundation since 2012. She first got exposed to the concept of BIM or integrated planning as a contractor for the emerging Revit platform in early 2007 and since then wholeheartedly embraces the vision on creating a better future for the generations ahead by extensively utilizing unbiased collaborative thinking. She is a free spirit and lateral thinker; combining industry knowledge, managerial assets and clear vision. By doing so, Silvia has contributed to conferences such as RTC Europe and BiLT Europe as well as influenced other industry related events, shaping the individuality of those. I’ve met Silvia at the BiLT Academy Europe Summit 2019 in New College Lanarkshire in Scotland. She is full of energy and drivenness. Around her everything seems possible, well at least it is my feeling. The BiLT Academy Europe hosts a brilliant podcast focusing on how technology in the construction industry can help to create a better future. It’s brilliant! Listen to it!

Sustainability, A Perspective From The Construction Industry (003)

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  • Lauren’s answer [03:40]
  • Scott’s answer [09:14]
  • Zarja’s answer [14.26]
  • Silvia’s answer [19:09]
  • Jon’s answer [26:34]

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