#004 – Circular Economy in the Construction Industry, with Stephen Boyle, Zero Waste Scotland.

by Hugo Taillandier

Episode number 4 is a conversation with Stephen Boyle from Zero Waste Scotland. An introduction to the Circular Economy in the Construction Industry. How to reduce waste, bring value to your building, reduce environmental impact and redefine our sense of ownership. Creating a better world for our generation and future generations. This is what Circular Economy is about

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Stephen Boyle

Stephen has worked in the area of environmental regulation and management, and resource efficiency support for over 30 years. He qualified as a Chemist in 1989 and worked for 20 years in various positions for Scottish environment protection bodies.

In 2008 Stephen left SEPA for the world of consultancy where he worked in various positions primarily around climate change and energy issues. Over 4 years Stephen was fortunate to work for a number of companies and organisations including a 6 month secondment to the Department of Transport as their Stakeholder Manager for the introduction of the EU ETS to the Aviation Sector, program managing 3 programmes with the Carbon Trust introducing Carbon Management to public and private organisations across Scotland and many smaller projects across the UK and overseas.

In 2012 Stephen joined Zero Waste Scotland to lead the delivery of business support through the Scottish Government’s Resource Efficient Scotland programme. Stephen is now a Strategic Programme Manager at Zero Waste Scotland, which results in him working across numerous teams and programmes within ZWS, from Litter and Flytipping to the Circular Economy, but Stephen has a particular passion for the construction sector and the opportunities and possibilities it has to drive resource efficiency, drive innovation and the circular economy and directly tackle climate change.

Circular Economy in The Construction Industry, With Stephen Boyle form Zero Waste Scotland (004)

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10 Construction Circular Economy Principles – Zero Waste Scotland


Get in touch with Stephen Boyle: LinkedIn

Zero Waste Scotland Podcast – Listen to it !

Zero Waste Scotland – Website
Energy Efficiency Strategy
Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Denmark sets out phased embodied carbon targets for buildings
Building As Material Bank (BAMB) European Commission
Waste House by BBM is “UK’s first permanent building made from rubbish”
Community Leisure Facility, Seaton Park, Arbroath – 90% Recycled Materials
UK Green Building Council
Co-op’s headquarters declared greenest building in the world
What is servitisation, and how can it help save the planet?


Supply Chain Sustainability School
Zero Waste Scotland – Construction Industry
Scottish Future Trust
UK Green Building Council
WRAP Cymru


  • What is Zero Waste Scotland [03:18]
  • Stephen Boyle and the Construction Team at Zero Waste Scotland [03:58]
  • How ZWS helps the construction Industry [05:26]
  • Definition of Circular Economy in the Construction Industry [6:51]
  • The evolution of Circular Economy in the UK [08:40]
  • Main challenges to implement Circular Economy in the Construction Industry [12:15]
  • Where to start with Circular Economy? [16:49]
  • Is it possible to build a building with only recycled or refurbished materials? [28:36]
  • Does Circular Economy brings other value than reducing cost, environmental impact…? [33:00]
  • What is Servitisation? [40:18]
  • Last inspiring words for Stephen Boyle [44:00]

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