#005 – Climate Crisis, The Construction Industry Needs To Act Now! with Scott McAulay, AAS

by Hugo Taillandier

In this episode we are discussing the climate crisis, the lack of response from our institutions and the Construction Industry and how we have the power to take action and be part of the solution.

Topic(s): Sustainability

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Scott McAulay

Scott is an activist, architectural designer, educator and writer. His ongoing work through the Anthropocene Architecture School fuses architectural education, climate literacies and sustainable design – utilising activist media strategies and educational workshops to catalyse and support responses to the Climate and Ecological Emergency from within the construction industry. Articles covering this work have been featured in and published by Archinect, the Architects Journal, the RIBAJ Journal, the RIAS Quarterly on numerous occasions, TIME, and the impacts of this work led to me being recognised as one of the RIBAJ’s Rising Stars cohort of 2020.

Having graduated from the University of Strathclyde in 2019 – He completed his final year between the University of Dalhousie in Nova Scotia and Scotland. His expertise and focus in university was ecological materials and their health benefits, leading me to take opportunities outwith university to work in hands-on capacities with these materials in the U.K. and France – hempcrete construction and straw bale specifically. Since completing his studies, he has lectured on activism in architectural capacities and climate literacy at 15 universities across the U.K, Canada and the Netherlands – delivering 36 workshops through the Anthropocene Architecture School project in its first 2 years, and being invited to speak at another 38 events elsewhere – including delivering an educators’s climate literacy session to staff at the Mackintosh School of Architecture, presenting at the Landscape Institute’s Climate Emergency CPD sessions, and speaking at the RIAS National Convention.


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  • Who is Scott [01:32]
  • Inspiration and origin to his work [02:04]
  • What is the Anthropocene Architecture School [05:23]
  • Why the AAS and his vision of the future [06:52]
  • Why are we still doing business as usual [13:53]
  • Why our institutions are not taking action [20:26]
  • What a workshop at the AAS looks like [31:20]
  • Others resources available at the AAS [35:31]
  • How to have access to those resources [36:49]

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