Bonus – Expanding Your Network with apirATion CIAT, Alyx Stickle

by Hugo Taillandier

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Are you a Architectural Technology (AT) Student or a young professional? Do you want to start or expand your network in the Construction Industry? Or maybe you are a professional looking for young and motivated AT, some fresh blood? In this bonus episode Alyx, aspirATion Group Chair for Scotland East Region, is telling us how aspirATion can help you with that and more!

Topic(s): Networking

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LinkedIn | Twitter

aspirATion CIAT Scotland


  • Who is Alyx ???? [01:33]
  • What is aspirATion CIAT? [02:20]
  • How aspirTtion CIAT is organised across the UK [02:49]
  • What services aspirATion CIAT has to offer to AT students and young professionals [03:14]
  • How to get involved [04:16]
  • What is it coming for summer 2021? Understand what type of support [05:00]
  • Why Alyx joined the aspirATion CIAT and how is it beneficial to her [07:16]
  • How to expand your network through aspirATion CIAT [09:04]
  • Find a mentor with aspirATion CIAT [10:40]
  • How to create event with aspirATion [11:27]


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