#007 – Passivhaus Standard 101 with Matt Bridgestock

by Hugo Taillandier

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How do we reduce carbon emission of our buildings? Well there is many different ways to do it. One of these is to reduce as much as we can the energy loss of our building. Keeping the warm inside, for cold climate, or the cold inside for warmer climate. Matt Bridgestock is explaining to us how the Passivhaus Standard has been designed to ensure an healthy environment to the occupant of the building and also reduces as most thermal losses. In this episode we are going to learn what is the Passivhaus, its challenges, opportunities, limitation and how to design a Passive House.


Matt Bridgestock

Matt is an experienced practitioner who has on a range of projects from rural housing design and research to inner city housing and urban regeneration. His work has won a number of design awards and he instigated both Hab-Lab and Passivhoos initiatives. As well as leading innovative architectural and planning projects, Matt is an enthusiastic tutor, writer and advocate for better design.
Matt is accredited by the RIAS in Sustainable Design, Passivhaus Designer, he is past chair of Scottish Ecological Design Association and a member of the Development Trust Association Scotland.

Passivhaus Standard 101 with Matt Bridgestock (007)

Topic(s): Sustainability, Design

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John Gilbert Architects
History of Passivhaus Standard
Wolfgang Feist and Bo Adamson
Passivhaus Trust
Passivhaus case study
Passivhaus Guidance
Passivhaus Training

Ice Box Challenge

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Air Tightness Testing Protocol for Passivhaus projects
Passivhaus Primer: Air tightness Guide
Be.Passive: Lessons learnt from the Belgium Passivhaus experience
Passivhaus: Whole-life Costs of a Passivhaus


EnerPHit: A Step by Step Guide to Low Energy Retrofit – James Traynor
Designed to Perform: An Illustrated Guide to Providing Energy Efficient Homes – Tom Dollard
Passive House Details: Solutions for High-Performance Design, 1st Edition – Donald B. Corner, Jan C. Fillinger, Alison G. Kwok, Routledge.
The Passivhaus Designer’s Manual – Christina Hopfe and Rob Mcleod
PHPP Illustrated: A Designer’s Companion to the Passive House Planning Package, 2nd edition – Sarah Lewis
Passive House Design – Roberto Gonzalo, Rainer Vallentin
An Introduction to Passive House – Justin Bere
Residential Retrofit: 20 case studies – Marion Baeli
The Passivhaus Handbook – Adam Dadeby and Janet Cotterell

I know how convenient is to order from Amazon, but please consider to contact one of your local bookshop and see if it can order a book for you. You might need to wait longer, maybe collect it at the store but it will help your local community. I like to think that the money I give to my local bookshop will help them in everyday life, maybe help them to buy a bike for their kids, go on holiday or simply buy food for their family.


  • Who is Matt Bridgestock? [02:06]
  • What is the Passivhaus Standard? [03:00]
  • Benefits of designing with Passivhaus [06:23]
  • Challenges of Passivhaus [08:43]
  • From where is the demand for Passive building coming? [13:55]
  • How much more expensive is a Passive House compared to traditional Standard? [16:47]
  • What is the Return On Investment? [17:21]
  • Is it possible to retrofit with Passivhaus Standard? [21:52]
  • Can we use the Passivhaus Standard in every climate? [24:06]
  • The 3 most important things to focus on for achieving the Passivhaus Standard [26:43]
  • Is it a myth that super air tight building have bad air quality? [30:30]
  • Does Passivehaus Standard specify materials? [35:22]
  • How to be a Certified Passivhaus Designer [37:52]
  • How to certify your building Passivhaus? [40:34]
  • Feedback from client on the Passive House buildings [44:03]
  • What stops Architects and designers to use the Passivehaus Standard? [46:50]
  • Matt ‘s last words on the subject [41:03]
  • BONUS for Ice Box Challenge [51:08]

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