#004 – Circular Economy in the Construction Industry, with Stephen Boyle, Zero Waste Scotland.

by Hugo Taillandier Episode number 4 is a conversation with Stephen Boyle from Zero Waste Scotland. An introduction to the Circular Economy in the Construction Industry. How to reduce waste, bring value to your building, reduce environmental impact and redefine our sense of ownership. Creating a better world for our generation and future generations. This…More

#003 – Sustainability, A Perspective From The Construction Industry

by Hugo Taillandier Leave a comment Topic(s): Architecture, Sustainability Today’s episode is, again, about sustainability but from a different perspective. From the perspective of the construction industry. Our guests are going to answer a couple of question: What is their definition of sustainability and what is their best advice to achieve sustainability in architecture. From…More

#002 – Is Sustainability Will Save Us? with John R. Ehrenfeld

by Hugo Taillandier Leave a comment Topic(s): Sustainability, Architecture, Flourishing, Personal Development Dr. John R. Ehrenfeld returned to his alma mater, MIT, in 1985 after a long career in the environmental field, and retired in 2000 as the Director of the MIT Program on Technology, Business, and Environment. Following that, he served until 2009 as…More

#001 – Introduction | Show Formalities | What to Expect

It’s there! Finally! The first episode of Today’s Architecture Podcast! You can download the podcast to your computer or listen to it on the blog. Since this is our first session together, I spend a wee bit of time introducing myself and how, thanks to this podcast, I want to help to create better architecture.…More